The Dallas Cowboys are still the Best team in the NFC

Not going to cry injury’s cause guess what the Arizona Cardinals went with out Palmer for a few games but Drew Stanton ain’t Brandon Weeden. Drew Stanton is Peyton Manning compared to Weeden.  The whole game Weeden could barley throw for 10 yards and when he did he over threw the wide open wide receivers.  Cole Beasley had no defenders on him all game cause guess what Weeden decided to throw to the back of Patrick Peterson. PETERSON should have had 20 interceptions Sunday. The ball every time went to Petersons Back.  Now there is a article on yahoo posted about Demarco Murray saying it’s hard to run when there is 9 in the box every down. He’s right but he still got 79 yards.  So thank of it this way if Romo plays Murray gets over 100. Romo would be able to beat the 9 in the box by dumping the ball over Petersons head right into Dez Bryant hands. So Arizona would have to back off.   So let’s take a look at the players Carson Palmer or Tony Romo  Tony Romo in a landslide. Dez Bryant or Larry Fitzgerald  have to go Dez he is younger and just better right now.  Demarco Murray or  Andre Ellington.  Is that even a question.  Murray is better Cowboys oline is flat out Better. Defence yes arizona is better.  But if a healthy Tony Romo played Arizona would have been destroyed. Leaving Beasley that wide open was Rediculas romo would have found him unlike weeden.  Romo would have gotten Dez the ball early and often drawing the defence back opening up holes for Murray.  Cowboy fans rejoice cause Nick Foles went down. Eli Manning sucks and Washington who cares there done.    Cowboy fans Tony Romo will be back this week then he has the bye week off.  Tony Romo will bring this team back to the winning ways and lead this team into the playoffs at 11-5. Welcoming back Arizona to AT&T Stadium for round 2 and this time we will get the last Laugh